Please remember that these are rescue animals. Most of the time we do not have much history on them and only know what we have learned about them while in their foster home. As with any other dog they will need training & routine veterinary care throughout their life. Some of these dogs have had some training and some have not. Every profile is accurate to the best of our knowledge and we would never intentionally mislead anyone about any dog's health, personality, or breed. All dogs will need continued training, adequate time for adjustment, and slow introductions to help them succeed in their new forever homes.

Available For 

Are you thinking about adopting a Boxer from Mid‐Iowa Boxer Rescue? Great! You and your family have decided to add a Boxer to your home. However, have you considered a few things first?
Are you aware that a Boxer... 
Can chew? Can dig? Can bark? Can be provoked to be aggressive? Can jump over fences and gates? Can chase cats, birds or small dogs? Can play too roughly with small children? Can be possessive of food, toys and treats? Needs socialization and training? Can live to be 8–12 years of age? Requires annual vaccinations and vet check‐ups? Can challenge other dogs in the household for dominance? Can become overly protective of their home and family members? Will need daily love and attention for the rest of their life? Requires flea and tick preventative medication? Can develop health problems as they grow older? Requires a lot of patience, time, effort, money and love? Is very loyal and loving and can be heartbroken if they lose their home and family? 

If any of these things are a concern for you, please do your research before adopting a Boxer.
Harley is hoping for a family of her own for Christmas. She is about 4 and is a wonderful girl. Gets along with her 3 foster boxer brothers and is housebroken. No cats! Has to have a physical fence yard. She is a sweetheart!
If you are interested in Harley or any of our boxers, please fill out an application. We do require physical fencing for most of our dogs. It is also our policy not to adopt girls together. It just works better to have one of each!
Click this link to complete the application to adopt me!
Reba & Zane
Double Boxer Love! Mid Iowa Boxer Rescue has a bonded pair of sweeties! Meet Reba and Zane! They are bonded and need to be adopted together. Both are kennel trained. both are housebroken, both are older kid-friendly & dog friendly with proper introductions, both know come/sit/stay, love car adventures. They are 3 yrs old (but not littermates) and are up to date on their vaccinations, spayed/neutered. They will chase small animals.

Reba is the larger one. I'm styling in the mint green/ pink sweater. I love my people & snuggles from/with them. I'm a bit of a "talker" & I'm sure everyone walking by is here to see me. I also know what outside potty means and will run to the door. I love to play with my brother & with people. I'm a licker & show my affection to my humans by "cleaning" exposed skin. I call myself a "hygiene helper". I tend to steal toys from Zane & sometimes we have "discussions" over toys...that's what siblings do! You can help me manage that by monitoring us when new toys are introduced to us.

Zane is the one with white feet, a little smaller but buff! I'm high energy but have a tender, sensitive side. I have the peach/grey sweater on. (3rd <naked> boxer in the picture is our foster brother.) I have a different past than Reba & when I became her brother, she helped me get over some bad stuff. I love to play with toys & respectful kids, I love to run, snuggling, hiding my toys (all toys are mine) in my blankets, & I love, love activity with my people. I'm also known as the toy Doctor who performs "surgery" on my toys, however, I'm not good at stitching them back up. I need frequent outside breaks or I can have an oops! I'm a slow eater. Sometimes I sleep with Reba but prefer to have my own bed near her. A fenced yard is a must for us as we get zoomies & forget about safety. So what do you think?? Aren't we the greatest!! We love our foster family & know there is a family out there who will love both of us just like they do. If you want this boxer wonderfulness as part of your family, fill out an application for both of us (we are a package deal. :-)
Click this link to complete the application to adopt us!
Sugar Ray
Hi, my name is SUGAR RAY…I'm a smart boy, love to play, but I have manners. I don't always know my own strength, so young ones aware. I know to use the outside for my business. I get along with the neighbor dogs where I'm hanging out right now. A fenced yard would be ideal because I love to run. I sit like a human in any old chair, but I'm up for good snuggles and will keep you warm in bed.  

Sugar Ray is available for adoption through Mid Iowa Boxer Rescue. He is 1 ½ years old, neutered, up to date on vaccinations, and ready to be part of your family.
Sugar Ray is waiting for a forever family to claim him. Please fill out an application today!
Click this link to complete the application to adopt me!


Hi, my name is Layla and I’m looking for my furever home. I’m a female and I have been spade and I am up to date on all my shots. I am heart-worm negative. I am told I am about 2 years old and FULL of energy. I sit on request and will shake, but make it quick, love a lap and cuddling. I am house broke and will let you know if I need to go out. When I doggy wrestle, I’m told I get a little intense and loud and get a little rough.

I love kids, but when I’m excited you’re home, I wouldn’t suggest young children. My foster dad says I shouldn’t chase squirrels and kitty’s in the yard and be nicer on walks.

Lyla is waiting for a forever family to claim her. Please fill out an application today!
Click this link to complete the application to adopt me!


Willy is a great 4-year-old boy who just happens to be deaf. It doesn't slow him down a bit. He loves toys and balls and running in the back yard. His most favorite thing is snuggling. He is great with kids and other dogs, in fact having a dog to be his ears is necessary. He would hate to be an only dog. 
Willy is waiting for a forever family to claim him. Please fill out an application today!
Click this link to complete the application to adopt me!

Dear Santa, I wanted to get my letter to you early because would like a furever home by Christmas. I'm 2 years old. They call me BB for short. I'm wanting you to bring me an active home & some playmates. I'm slow to accept other boxers but love the 2 legged, 10 yr old or older. I would like a home with someone at home at least half of the day. I can be crated but prefer to be snuggled. I love my people & want to be on top of everything they do. I've been told I'm a good boy but please DON'T ask the squirrels, bunnies or cats in my neighborhood. (they lie) I would like you to bring me a home with a fenced in yard to run in (youngsters get the zoomies), some toys to play with, and a soft bed.  I'm willing to give back lots of love, wiggle butts, kisses, snuggles. Hope you are well, I know you are busy.  🐾 
If interested, please click this link to complete the application to adopt me.



This is Gypsy! She is 2 years old. She has done great in her foster home. Got on great with her foster brother. Good with people & kids! Not sure about cats.  Completely housebroken. Sweet and full of sass! 
Gypsy is waiting for a forever family to claim her. Please fill out an application today!
Click this link to complete the application to adopt me!


Scooby Dooby doo where are you??? I'm looking for a place of my own. I'm not Scooby but my name is Scrappy. My friends call me Cappy and I answer to both. I am kinda new to all this but wanted to get the word out that I'm looking for a furever home. I'm not exactly like Scrappy Doo because I'm not as brave as him. There are things that take time, like warming up to new people... I mean there are scary people out there! But once you give me some time to learn you are friendly then I love to snuggle, play with toys and watch movies on the couch.
The little people are too active for me and I'm nervous around anyone younger than 13 years old. Also have you seen those ghosts hanging on the clothes line? Boy are they scary, moving all slinky and stuff. My foster mom says they are just clothes drying but I'm keeping my eyes on them "ghosts." I wanna be an only dog so I can get all the attention. I'm scared to share with another dog, they always beat me up. Cats are a "could be", depending on the cat. I love quiet, calm homes so that's my focus in my search. No big Scooby adventures for me! I'm not that confident. I would embarrass myself and hide behind the couch.
I'm a 2 yr old, neutered male and current on all my doctor stuff. If you fit the bill on what I need, Click this link to complete the application to adopt me.
It is all about me, SCRAPPY DOO, I want you!!


Hi! My name is Penny as in your lucky penny! I am a 10 month old boxer boy who has all the energy and enthusiasm that comes along with boxer puppies!! I am potty trained and kennel trained and know my basic commands but my foster family says I need to work on my manners a bit... 
I wonder what manners are? Some of my favorite things are being outside, going for walks, playing with my toys and of course being the center of attention! I also love cuddles and hanging around on the couch. I need a family that has a fenced yard because I love to run and play and I do like other dogs and kids but I’m not sure about cats. If you want to adopt me fill out the application so my crew can start working on my forever!!
Click this link to complete the application to adopt me!


Hi, I am Ranger, Iowa Boxer…not Walker Texas Ranger. However, Chuck Norris and I are a lot alike. I love action, adventure and am part of the neighborhood watch here in Iowa. I’m now a “big boy” because I turned 1 year old! I do have a soft side and love to cuddle and snuggle with my humans. I love those little humans because they are more my size and activity level. (Not to mention they drop food on the floor for me.)
I know a few basic commands and am house-trained but need to be on a good schedule because us pups, err I mean “big boys” tend to forget. Got toys? I love you already! I weigh about 60 lbs. I will chase cats and small rodents cause it’s just fun! And I can leap 4 ft fences in a single bound.  Maybe I’m more like Clark Kent than Chuck Norris. My super power is being developed yet, because I need a fur-ever home of my own…you know to figure out what power is needed to make that home complete.  I’m sure my new home just needs a “super boxer”, and I already have that power! 
I am Ranger, Iowa Super Boxer! If you would like to have me as your Super Boxer, click this link to complete the application to adopt me. You‘ve got toys, right…and treats?...oh how I love treats…and couches? those are the best…yup, you might be the one!


I'm looking for my furever family/home to call my own.  I am 3 years old and I have some awesome tricks up my sleeve, like sit, shake, down & drop it (my tennis ball).  If you like to cuddle, then I'm your man.  And by cuddle I mean I lay on top of you to take a nap.  I've been told I'm a good kisser but not on the first date. I love to watch the neighbors out the window.  I even give them instructions occasionally but not sure they understand dog language. I know when it's time to do my "business outside" & signal for help with the door cause I got no thumbs.  I have a couple of habits you should know about. I know how to crate up but if you leave my bed inside with me it explodes into puff balls. The bed's fault not mine.  I do cry when I first get in the crate cause I really would rather cuddle with you.  I like my crate at night and get down to the zzz's instead of making excuses on bedtime. I like my food, I don't share and prefer to dine separately from other pets. I get grouchy if they want to share.

My foster Mom is a good cook, I am gaining weight  I absolutely love giant tennis balls and chew toys. I walk well on the leash but do get excited once in a while...oh, and this 8 inches of snow and cold temps--no walkies for me! Couch potato mode! I like to run but when it's warmer, please.  I could live with a fur brother or sister but you gotta introduce me slowly to them.  Those things called "cats" fall into the chase toy category. I like children who know I'm not a toy-respect me and I'll respect them.  Whew, guess I spilled my guts a little...but them's the facts!  My name is Ralph!!


Hi! My name is Spirit and I am a 1.5 year old male and I am up for adoption! I am so excited to share a little about myself. I have done really great in my foster home and they tell me all the time what a great boy I am! I am potty trained and kennel trained and know my basic commands. I do well with calm female dogs (not the ones that are always in your face and won’t be quiet) and I’m not sure about cats but we could be friends. I do like calm kids but the noisy ones that get right up in my face are scary to me. I love snuggling on the couch or chair and especially in bed! I love doing boxer zoomies in the backyard and going for walks. I would love to find my forever family and was wondering if it could possibly be you? If you think you could be “the one” please fill out an application!


Please download the adoption application below, complete the form and email it to: If you prefer, you may fax the application to 515-252-1458. 

When we receive the application, we will contact you to schedule a home visit.

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