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Below you will find some general questions and answers. If you have any questions that you do not see below, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer your question the best way we can.
Q) Where do your dog’s come from? 
A) First and foremost we always save boxers from local shelters in Iowa. We also help dogs that are surrendered by their owners or that come to us through no fault of their own.
Q) Where are the dogs located before they are adopted? 
A) Our volunteers foster our boxers in their homes until they are adopted.
Our volunteers are all over the state of Iowa.
Q) What are your adoption fees and what do they include? 
A) Our adoption fees range from $300 to $350. This covers spaying/neutering, routine vaccinations, flea and tick preventative and heart worm preventative. We do have some dogs that come to us that are sick or are seriously injured. These dogs may require surgeries and long recovery periods. At MIBR we make sure our dogs are healthy before you adopt them.
Q) You have some pretty strict adoption guidelines.
Wouldn’t it be easier to adopt a boxer somewhere else?

A) Yes, it probably would be easier to get a boxer from another source. Websites like Craigslist and local For Sale sites and local animal shelters make it easy to get a dog but what is easy to get is also easy to get rid of. A lot of these dogs that come from shelters and websites have behaviors and baggage that is not shared with you when you adopt the dog. Our rescue assess our rescues and strongly feels that each of our dogs deserve the perfect home as well as our adopters being able to adopt a dog that is a great fit for their home! Our adoption process and policies help us ensure our dogs their forever home and our adopters a great dog.
Q) When do I get to see the dog in person?
A) After you have had your home visit and you are approved to adopt we will contact you with a dog that will be a fit for your home. This decision is solely made by MIBR’s director. You and your family can travel to where the dog is located to meet the dog before placement in your home, per arrangements with the foster home. Usually the first time you will meet the dog will be upon placement in your home.
Q) Why do you require fenced yards?
A) Fenced yards help protect your dog. Rescue dogs can carry baggage and we don’t always know their history. Fences protect a dog from running away and from injury. They not only give a dog a safe place to be outside, they also keep harm from coming in. Please do keep in mind that not all of our dogs require fences but it is required that they are leashed or on a tie out with a harness on any time they are outside.
Q) Why do you require that dogs already in our home be spayed/neutered?
A) Unaltered dogs may display certain behaviors that can make the transition of a new dog into your home difficult. We spay/ neuter all of our dogs before adoption, but the hormones can take up to 6 months before subsiding. This can also cause problems introducing spayed/ neutered with dogs that are intact. For our rescue dogs to be the most successful this is an added stress we are not going to subject our dogs to.
Q) Why don’t you allow the use of invisible fences?
A) All invisible fences use a form of a shock or vibration collar which is not allowed with MIBR. Invisible fences also do not keep other animals or people that could be hazardous to your boxer out of your yard. We teach and train our boxers with positive reinforcements and praise and we feel at MIBR invisible fences are contradictory to this kind of training.
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