The number of Boxers we save depends upon the wonderful rescue volunteers willing to bring these precious dogs into their homes.  Becoming a foster home takes dedication, love and a commitment to helping the Boxer become the best dog that it can be. We have no way of knowing how long you might have a foster Boxer in your home. It depends on the needs of the particular dog and the availability of adoptive homes. What we can say is that it's a very rewarding way to help this wonderful breed.
Fostering is not a way to get a free dog, not a trial period before adoption, and it certainly isn't easy. It can be stressful as many of these dogs are untrained. In addition to feeding, grooming and exercise the foster home is responsible for house training; crate training; correcting problems such as jumping, chewing, dashing through doors, etc.; socialization and plenty of playtime and attention. Fostering allows a dog to become adapted to home life; therefore, giving them a greater chance of remaining permanently in an adoptive home. Foster homes are required to have a wire crate and a fenced yard. Occasionally, the foster family may need to transport the dog to/from vet appointments.

If you are interested in fostering a Boxer for
Mid‐Iowa Boxer Rescue, 


Once the completed application has been submitted
we will contact you to schedule a home visit.
Taking care of rescue dogs...
Something I do best.
I know because I've done it,
and I've surely passed the test.
The dogs I've bathed,
the food I've fed,
the vacuuming I've done,
and all to watch a frightened soul
sit dreaming in the sun.

My own dogs I've neglected,
but I tell them everyday
that I love and cherish
each of them.

Though a new dog's come to stay.
I know they understand this,
the love that I have given them
comes shining back at me.

Some people think I'm crazy,
some others think I'm great.
But very few can understand
what really is at stake.

If I can love and help a dog
to find a better way,
my own life is much richer,
I look forward to each day.
So now you know my secret,
it's there for all to see,
the love I give, the life I save,
I do it all for me.

Author Unknown