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Mid-Iowa Boxer Rescue Foster Application
This questionnaire is prepared for the benefit of both the foster owner and the dog.
It will better enable Mid-Iowa Boxer Rescue to place the right dog into the right home.
To download our Foster Application, click the pdf icon. Once you have the application completely filled that out you can then email it to
Or if you would prefer you can fax the application to
Okay to call work?
Do they live with you full-time or visit only?
Are there any family members who need special consideration for any reason?
I/We live in a
Do you own or rent?
Note: If you rent you must have written permission from the owner to have a dog over 50 lbs.
Are you planning to move in the next year?
Is your yard fenced?
Have you owned any pets in the last 5 years?
Are current animals spayed/neutered?
Current on vaccines?
Are they on heartworm preventive 12 months of the year?
Would you consider a special needs dog; i.e., blind/deaf/lifetime illness?

I agree to foster a Boxer for Mid-Iowa Boxer Rescue. I will keep the foster separated from my household pets until am convinced that there will be no aggression. Fosters may have baggage that may not come to light immediately. I will work to correct bad habits and help the foster to become a better pet. I will contact Mid-Iowa Boxer Rescue for routine vet care. I will seek outside vet care only in emergencies.

Thanks for submitting!

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